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Personel Financial Planning

Financial kundali is all about meeting your life goals through proper planning and management of finances.


It’s a common misconception among the masses that financial planning is only for extra wealthy people. The fact is that at the end it does not matter how much you earn, all that matters is how much you save. A person earning Rs.35,000 per month & saving 10,000 out of it will be more wealthy in years to come than a person earning Rs. 70,000 per month with no savings at all.


In today’s world of high inflation, various type of taxation & so many financial products, it’s difficult to find a financial product that best suits your portfolio. Financial Kundali will help you choose what’s best for you. We will also assist you in selecting the best Tax Saving products & will always be on your side while selecting a Financial Product.


If you are planning to buy or have already purchased a Financial Product such as Mutual Fund, Insurance, Child Plan, Retirement Plan, Endowment Plan, Health Insurance, etc or confused about whether to surrender your existing policy or notASK us whether the financial product suits your Portfolio or not.


Why the name Financial Kundali !!!!….

From childhood I have seen people running after Pandit’s to make a Kundali for their small ones. How about making a Financial Kundali for your kids or for yourself.


Financial Kundali for your Kids will consists of:

1. A Customized Child Plan for Your Kids Higher Education.

2. A Customized Plan for your Kids Marriage.


Financial Kundali for yourself: 

1. How much to save for your Retirement

2. How much to save for buying a house

3. Best Health Insurance for whole family

4. Best Term Insurance

5. Tax Planning





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