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Save Tax on Medical Treatment u/s 80 DDB

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Income tax deduction in respect of medical treatment !!!… Yes!!!…, if you are spending money on medical treatment , the government gives you deduction upto certain limits. Lets’s find out various in & outs of this scheme:

In whose name, the taxpayer can claim deduction:

  1. Self
  2. Dependent husband/wife
  3. Dependent childrens
  4. Dependent parents
  5. Dependent brothers & sisters


To avail this benefit, one need to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The taxpayer is Resident in India (may be Indian citizen or foreign citizen ) or HUF.
  2. The taxpayer has actually paid for medical treatment of specified diseases.


Specified Diseases:

U/S 11 DD deduction is available on treatment of following diseases. Refer the Income tax link to have a look at complete list of diseases covered u/s 80 DDB.

Download List: CLICK HERE


Amount of Deduction:

  1. For people below 60 years, Rs.40,000 or amount of expenditure actually occurred, whichever is less.
  2. For senior citizens, the amount of permissible deduction is Rs.60,000 or actual expenditure, whichever is less.

Imp. Note: Deduction under section 80 DDB shall be reduced by the amount received, if any, under an insurance from an insurer, or reimbursed by an employer, for the medical treatment of the person.


Other conditions:

  1. The assessee shall have to submit a certificate ( FORM 10-I ) in the prescribed form from a Doctor working in a government hospital.
  2. The requirement is only of working in a government hospital , it can be a part time job or providing honorary services at a government hospital.
  3. The Dr. should be a post graduate.

Download: Form 10-I 




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