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Welcome To The World Of Personal Financial Planning.

A Place where you can find solution for all the issues related to your personal financial planning.


Financial kundali is all about meeting your life goals through proper planning and management of finances.

If you are Confused!!!…about where to invest your hard earn money, hold on…the Bigger question is why to invest. Confused…my point is SET YOUR GOALS FIRST, because it’s about your financial planning, it’s about Your Finance.

If the following questions comes to your mind, than this is the place to be:

  • How much should i save for my RETIREMENT.

  • Should i take a HOME LOAN.

  • Should i buy a CAR now or wait for some more years.

  • How much and where should i invest in order to give my CHILD the best EDUCATION.

  • Do i need an INSURANCE.


The list is long, but i guess by now you have realised that you are on the right track.

Generally we invest our money in bank FD’s keeping in mind that it will give us some extra money over a period of time or buy an Insurance policy or a Child Plan or a Ulip on recommendation of our close family friends or relatives. STOP… You may not realise but actually you may earn negative returns on your investment. Yes i am talking about INFLATION


And how can you forget TAX.

So, in order to achieve your goals, the right strategy is as follows:

  1. Set your Goals

  2. Set the Time after which you need the amount.

  3. Set the Amount

  4. And at last comes the Question where to invest


Generally we invest first without setting any goals and time horizon. So by now i guess you know what do do first , yes you are right, “SET YOUR GOALS“.


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